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Adult Immunisations

Immunisation is one of the best ways you can protect yourself, your children and future generations from infectious diseases. Immunisation is a simple and effective way of protecting children from serious diseases. It not only helps protect individuals, it also protects the broader community by minimising the spread of disease.

Our Practice provides vaccines funded by the State and Federal government as well as travel vaccines and vaccines for occupational health at the workplace, including influenza, Hepatitis A & B, Q fever and tetanus.

We are a State registered provider of yellow fever vaccines.

Some vaccines are funded for Adults through the National Immunisation Program:

There are a number of different circumstances where adults may receive additional vaccines. You can read more about adult immunisations at the immunise Australia website.

Skin Cancer Services

Skin cancer is extremely common in Australia, and early detection is of the utmost importance.

The Surgery is the GP practice for comprehensive skin checks.

All GP’s at our practice provide comprehensive skin checks. We have the facilities to detect and manage skin cancers. Biopsy and excision of lesions are performed in our treatment rooms. Many skin lesions can also be treated non-invasively with cryotherapy and the application of topical medications such as Aldara cream.

More serious cancers may be referred to a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for assessment and management.

We encourage patients to see their GP if they notice any changing skin lesion.


Our practice can enable asthmatics to achieve best possible lung function through:

Cardiac and Diabetes Services

Chronic Disease Management

We have a specialised nursing team available to assist the doctors in managing the care of patients with complex and chronic medical conditions.

Diabetes Care

Our practice provides comprehensive surveillance and care for Diabetic patients. Patients are recalled regularly to attend a dedicated clinic with their GP and our Diabetes Educator Jessica. Patients are provided with a GP Management Plan to set management goals for their health and provide guidance to achieving optimum blood sugar control. Where required the GP and Nurses will prepare a Team Care Arrangement ensuring access to Allied Health Professionals to help patients manage their Diabetes. Visits to Allied Health Professionals under Team Care Arrangements are subsidised by Medicare.

Diabetes Educator

We have a Diabetes Educator, Jessica who is Registered Nurse with additional qualifications in Diabetes including comprehensive knowledge of and experience in diabetes prevention and management. Jessica is available to provide education and assess for risks associated with Diabetes for Diabetic patients.

Cardiac Services

Your GP is trained to detect and treat heart problems and to prevent heart disease where possible.
Our Surgery team provides services on site including ECG’s (a medical test that measures and records the electrical activity of the heart.) and 24 hour blood pressure monitoring. A portable ECG monitor is also able to be provided to patients to record activity of their heart over a longer period of time.
The GP will analyse the results and provide management advice which may include referral to a Cardiologist, Dietician, Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist to help you reach your health targets.

Any patient with chest pain is advised to go straight to the hospital where emergency treatment and tests can be performed if required. Call an ambulance if necessary.


Travel Medicine

Our GP’s provide up to date medical advice and comprehensive immunisation for travellers. The requirement for medications for travel sickness, malaria prevention and diarrhoea will also be discussed. Letters containing a list of current medications and health conditions and a plan of care can be provided to ensure optimum health and safety during your travels.

It is recommended that you see the GP 2 months prior to travel to ensure immunisations are administered at least 6 weeks before departure.

The Surgery is accredited by the Australian Government and World Health Organisation to administer the Yellow fever vaccination.

Once patients have seen the GP, they can obtain vaccines from the pharmacy and return back to the practice for administration of the vaccines on the same day. Our Practice Nurses are experienced in administration of travel vaccines.

Doctor Steve Gust and Doctor Brian Malone specialise in travel medicine.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

The Surgery is an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Yellow fever vaccinations must be provided at an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We provide a vaccination certificate in the form approved and required by WHO.

A single dose of yellow fever vaccine will provide life-long protection against the disease for most people. Travellers should ensure they are vaccinated no less than 10 days before entering the yellow fever risk area, protection against Yellow Fever starts 10 days after vaccination.

On 16 June 2016, the Australian Government adopted the World Health Organisation amendment to the International Health Regulations (2005) regarding the period of protection afforded by yellow fever vaccination, and the term of validity of the certificate. The period of protection and term of validity has changed from 10 years to the life of the person vaccinated. This is based on data demonstrating, for the majority of recipients, a single dose of yellow fever vaccine results in life-long immunity.

Mental Health

All our GP’s are experienced in managing mental health issues and concerns.

Many of them have undertaken further training and a particular interest in treating patients with mental health issues.

Our practice encourages the use of Mental Health Care Plans ,and, we refer to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other mental health professionals as required.

Our GP’s maintain excellent relationships with the mental health professionals and dedicated mental health services including the Great Southern Mental Health Service and Headspace.

When a Mental Health Plan is done for a patient it is recommended best practice that a review be done with the patient 4 – 6 weeks later. A second review should be done 3 – 6 months after the first review in accordance with the doctors clinical assessment.